PPE Order Forms

PPE Order Forms

To support you, a Personal Protective Equipment Distribution Guideline has been developed. It contains information on the various programs and guidelines for ordering.

Option 1 - Emergency Allocations

All Health Care System Providers can receive up to 5 days of the following products, pending availability when faced with an emergency shortage (i.e. providers with 14 days or less of product on hand).  If in outbreak, may receive up to 14 days of selected product. This supply should only be used when there is an unexpected shortage of products and where the normal supply chain cannot accommodate.

Scope Forms Estimated Turn Around Time 
Products Available from the Ontario Health – West Region
o    Disposable Gowns
o    Masks
o    Face Shields
o    Hand Sanitizer
o    Disinfectant Wipes
o    Gloves

Urgent Request Form

48 hours

Products Available from the Ministry of Health (MEOC)
o    N95s

N95 Respirator Order Form Based on MEOC Urgency/Priority 

Option 2 - Pandemic PPE Transitional Support (PPTS)

For in-scope providers the province has temporarily removed the requirement that certain providers source their own PPE first on the commercial market, before accessing the provincial pandemic stockpile. Providers in the following sectors can access PPE directly from the provincial pandemic stockpile, at no-cost through Ontario Health West. 

In Scope Sectors Scope Forms Estimated Turn Around Time 
o    Primary Care Providers
o    Community Based Physician Specialists
o    Indigenous Communities and Providers
o    Community Health Service Providers, including:
       o    Consumption and Treatment Services
       o    Hospices
       o    Community Mental Health / Addictions 
       o    Community Support Services 
       o    Non-Municipal Seniors / Supportive Housing
       o    Homes for Special Care
       o    Independent Health Facilities 

Products Available 
o    Disposable Gowns
o    Masks
o    Face Shields
o    Hand Sanitizer
o    Disinfectant Wipes
o    Gloves

For N95s, please use the order form above

PPTS Request Form

Up to 14 days

Option 3 - Additional Programs or Allocations

In addition to the options listed above, Ontario Health is able to provide one-time proactive allocations of PPE to certain sectors. The following represents a list of the current programs/strategies that are in place.

In Scope Sectors Scope Forms Estimated Turn Around Time 
Long Term Care

Proactive Top-Up (Product Dependent)

LTC Allocation Form

N95 Respirator Order Form

Up to 14 days
Community Pharmacies

For Flu Vaccines

For COVID-19 Testing

PPTS Request Form Up to 14 days
Homeless Shelter (Municipal Service Managers)   MSM Request Form Up to 14 days